Teal Ribbon Campaign

Meet our daughter, Hannah. She is the face behind the Teal Ribbon Campaign. Hannah was the victim of sexual abuse as a small child. It was honestly one of the hardest things we have ever had to deal with. Her bravery and strength as a small child was beyond my comprehension. She spoke up and her perpetrator was put behind bars.

Fast forward to present day. She has grown into a beautiful, smart and compassionate young lady. Last summer, she came to us with a troubled heart. She felt a a calling to share her story. She said that she knew so many people that had been victims of abuse or assault and were afraid to tell someone. She knew of some ,who did tell and nothing was done. She had an idea to start an Instagram awareness page for sexual assault and abuse. This is how the Teal Ribbon Campaign was born. Teal is the awareness color for sexual assault. (https://www.instagram.com/_teal_ribbon_) As scary as it was, she started by sharing her story  on her personal Instagram page and asked her friends to follow her awareness page. She also decided that she wanted to raise money for the cause. We purchased Pura Vida bracelets through their fundraising program and she listed them with her first post. She chose to raise money for The Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children here in Waco. (https://advocacycntr.org/) This organization was absolutely invaluable to our family in our time of need. She received so much positive support and with the help of a wonderful friend and fellow advocate who helped bring attention to her cause, she raised $1600 and delivered a check right before Christmas. She is currently selling another round of bracelets in anticipation of Sexual Assault Awareness month. We are so proud and happy to help her in this cause! Purchase them here: